Pattern Predications

Mitted x Mitted
1/2 mitted, 1/4 colorpoint, 1/4 high mitted
Mitted x Colorpoint
1/2 mitted, 1/2 colorpoint
Colorpoint x Colorpoint
All kittens are colorpoints
Colorpoint x Bicolor
1/2 colorpoint, 1/2 bicolor
Bicolor x Bicolor
1/4 colorpoint, 1/2 bicolor, 1/4 high white
Mink x Pointed
1/2 mink, 1/2 pointed
Mink x Mink
1/4 sepia, 1/2 mink, 1/4 pointed
Mink x Sepia
1/2 mink, 1/2 sepia
Sepia x Pointed
All kittens are mink
Solid (Ptd gene) x Pointed
1/2 solid, 1/2 pointed
Solid (Ptd gene) x Mink
1/2 solid , 1/4 pointed, 1/4 mink
Solid (Ptd gene) x Sepia
1/2 solid, 1/2 mink
Lynx in point
50% chance of lynx kittens (tabby stripes)
always FEMALE kittens only
a tortie FEMALE kitten with the lynx pattern
white mark on the forehead and/or nose, should be symmetrical
50% chance of smoke kittens, roots of hair shaft are white
a smoke kitten with the lynx pattern
hair shaft is half colored and close to half white


Special Notes
Pointed kittens
born whitish in color eye color blue (shades vary)
Mink kittens
born with color eye color aqua (blue-green)
Sepia kittens
born with color eye color green-yellow
Solid Kittens w/Ptd gene
born with color eye color green, copper, blue, blue-green or odd eyes


Patterns and Colors

Color Prediction Chart “Courtesy of Carilee / Raganuk Ragdolls”