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This agreement made this________day of_______________, 20_____between Denise Wolff, hereinafter, referred to as the “Vendor” and ________________________________________ hereinafter referred to as the “Purchaser” is a legal and binding contract and includes the following:
1. The Purchaser agrees to buy from the Vendor the following cat upon the terms and condition of this agreement:
a. Breed: RAGDOLL
b. Color/Pattern:_________________________________________________
c. Sex:_________________________________________________________
d. Birth Date:____________________________
e. Sire:_________________________________________________________
f. Dam:________________________________________________________

2. The Purchaser shall pay the Vendor the sum of $____________________for the cat/kitten.

3. A non-refundable deposit of $_________________________is acknowledged with a balance of $_______________________remaining. The balance must be paid in full by the time the above kitten reaches eight (8) weeks of age in cash, certified check, money order, or PayPal. If the kitten is not paid in full by eight weeks of age, the kitten will be noted as once again as being “Available” and you will lose your nonrefundable deposit.

4. Shipping cost of $____________________shall be paid by the Purchaser.

5. The Vendor and the Purchaser acknowledge and agree that the cat is being purchased as
a. Pet Only_____________
b. Show Altered Cat____________
c. Show Cat_____________
d. Breeder______________

6. Cat will not be shown unless purchased as a show cat or an agreement is made with the Vendor.
7. The Purchaser will not have ANY type of surgical procedures performed on the cat for the purpose of removing any of the cat’s claws; otherwise, all health guarantees will become void. The Vendor will show the purchaser a safe way to keep the cats claws clipped before the cat goes to its new home. Purchaser’s initials:_____________

8. The Vendor guarantees that the kitten/cat is in good health at the time of pickup. If the cat does not pass the veterinarian’s health check within the 48 hour time period, then the Purchaser must contact the Vendor. The Vendor retains the right to corroborate any diagnosis. The Vendor agrees to replace the cat with another available kitten/cat of equal value after corroborative final diagnosis. Purchaser’s initials:_________

9. Ragdolls are extremely sensitive cats and often experience a period of adjustment that is aggravated by changes in environment and/or the addition or introduction of other animals. In these situations, owners need to be sensitive to signs of stress and make sure weight is maintained. New kittens/cats often show physical signs of stress within the first two weeks in a new home, including but not limited to: sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes, diarrhea, constipation, and/or hair loss. If any of these symptoms persist for longer than 48 hours after undivided attention has been given, then please seek licensed veterinarian care for peace of mind. Kittens/cats often hide in their new homes for the first 48 hours. Please keep water, food, and a litter box nearby until your Ragdoll acclimates. Petco’s brand of paper pellet cat litter, So Phresh, is used for adults and kittens, as it is biodegradable, dust free and will not coat feline lungs, infused with baking soda to eliminate odors, and will not cause harm if ingested.

10. The Vendor is not liable for any expenses for non-genetic illnesses, veterinarian or otherwise, incurred by the Purchaser throughout the kitten/cat’s life. The Purchaser further understands that there will be no monetary reimbursement, for any veterinary or non-veterinary expenses, associated with any diagnosed acquired illness that may occur. Vendor will not be held responsible for any type of common feline infections known to affect cats beyond the 48 hour health guarantee, as Purchaser agrees that these are conditions that cats are known to be subject to beyond the control of the Vendor. Purchaser’s initials:_________

11. The Purchaser agrees to keep all of the cat’s vaccinations current according to the schedule given at time of purchase. All kittens will come with 1 FVRC kitten shot and 2 dewormings prior to living in their new home. A second FVCRP kitten shot may be given no earlier than 14 weeks of age and no later than 16 weeks. The purchaser understands that the kitten must not be given a Rabies shot before 18 weeks of age and NOT at the same time as the last FVRCP kitten shot. Doing so will put the kitten’s health at risk. Failure to comply with this vaccine schedule will void any and all health guarantees provided by the Vendor. Purchaser’s initials:________

12. Booster shots must be given one year after the final FVRCP kitten shots. Three year Rabies shots must only be given after 18 months of age. Failure to comply will void any and all health guarantees. Furthermore, if the Purchaser chooses to inoculate for feline infectious peritonitis (FIP), FeLV or FIV the warranty is invalidated, as they may cause undue health problems for the cat or kitten. In addition, the Vendor will not warranty the kitten against any adverse reactions to future vaccinations, or any future health problems other than genetic defects. Both parents of the kitten(s) have been tested for FeLV/FIV and were negative. Purchaser’s initials:_________

13. The Vendor guarantees against genetic problems (e.g., hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM), kidney aplasia, colobomas [eyelid defects], pectus excavatum) through the cat’s first two years of life. If the cat is found to have genetic problems within the first two years of life, the vendor will replace the cat with one of equal value after a full body necropsy report, including histopathology and a signed statement by a licensed veterinarian detailing the problem, has been given to the Vendor. The Vendor is not responsible for any expenses concerning these procedures. If the Vendor disagrees with the report, the Vendor reserves the right to have the kitten/cat examined by the Vendor’s veterinarian. See five (5) year HCM Addendum.

14. The Purchaser agrees that this cat will not be sold, leased, or given to any pet shop, research laboratory, or similar facility, as well as to any animal shelters. If the Purchaser wants to relinquish the kitten in any of the above ways, then the Vendor must be notified immediately by the Purchaser of any intentions to do so.

15. If the Purchaser no longer wishes to own the kitten/cat they must immediately notify the Vendor.

16. The Vendor retains the right to readopt, at no cost to the Vendor, the cat if the Purchaser intends to surrender the cat in any of the ways written in paragraphs 16 and 17.

17. The Purchaser agrees that the cat will live strictly indoors and will NOT be permitted outdoors. Failure to comply will void any and all health guarantees.

18. Kittens are fed Life’s Abundance Instinctive Choice Wet Cat Food twice per day and have a CONSTANT supply of Life’s Abundance Premium Dry Cat Food available. The Purchaser will provide the cat with proper nutrition in the form of this food that is healthful and balanced for a feline. Purchaser will continue to feed Life’s Abundance Premium Dry Food through the kitten/cat’s first year, otherwise the health guarantee is null and void. However, if your veterinarian instead strongly recommends, and indicates in writing, that a different food that is specifically formulated for your cat/kitten’s specific medical needs is required, then the health guarantee shall remain in effect. If you are required to feed another food, as per your veterinarian, it must be mixed 1/4 and 3/4 for 4 days, then 1/2 and 1/2 for 4 days, then 3/4 and 1/4 for 4 days; thereafter, completely switch over to the veterinarian recommended food. If these precise steps are not taken, it can cause intestinal issues, which may lead to you paying for more veterinarian bills. Purchaser’s initials:_________

19. Purchaser agrees to isolate any other cats, and/or other animals, from this new kitten/cat for a minimum of two weeks, and until the veterinarian report finding has shown a clean bill of health for all indoor animals residing in the same home. Cat viruses are highly infectious, so families already containing cats need to have EVERY cat checked at the vet before the new kitten/cat is integrated, or no replacement kitten or returns will be considered. No exceptions. The Purchaser also agrees to provide the cat with a clean, pleasant environment conducive to good health and with adequate space for exercise. At least one litter box will be provided for each cat in the household and will be cleaned daily. The cat will be kept uncaged for the main duration of its life. Purchaser’s initials:_________

20. The new kitten/cat should be kept in a small area with limited and supervised exploration of the home for the first week. Unlike humans, cats find small spaces comforting when faced with new situations. We have found that keeping the kitten/cat in the bedroom with you, or in the bathroom next to your bedroom, has offered the most comfort in the first weeks. Keep the kitten’s carrier, food water, and litter in this smaller space until acclimation has occurred.

21. As determined by law, any and all legal disputes or litigation will take place where the contract is deemed to have originated, that being Suffolk County, New York. There will be no exceptions to this. Any expenses incurred while litigating any disputes arising from this contract will be decided by the court.

22. Any violation of the above written clauses will give the Vendor the right to repose the said cat/kitten.

23. Purchaser agrees to send a photograph of the kitten once the kitten reaches one year of age.

24. Purchaser’s signature below indicates full agreement and approval to all of the above terms and conditions:

Purchaser’s Printed Name:______________________________________________

Purchaser’s Address:______________________________________________________


Phone Number:________________________________________________________

E-Mail Address:________________________________________________________

Purchaser’s Signature:_____________________________________________________

Vendor’s Signature:_____________________________________________________

Sale Date Completion:_______________________

Addendum: Vaccine Explanation and Schedule.



Most kittens are naturally protected by MDA. MDA stands for malondialdehyde, a reference value of a principal parameter for oxidative stress. Mothers naturally secrete it in their milk, providing it to their kittens during the process of nursing for the first several weeks of life. True knowledge of the level of protection and the point at which the kitten will become susceptible to infection is unknown without serological testing, so a kittens response immunologically to vaccination is unknown.

The level of maternal antibodies and variation in uptake of MDA changes between litters. In general, MDA will have waned by 8 to 12 weeks of age to a level that allows an active immunological response, and because of this, an initial vaccination at 8 to 9 weeks of age followed by a second vaccination 3 to 4 weeks later is commonly recommended.

However, some kittens could have poor MDA, and may be vulnerable (and capable of responding to vaccination) at an earlier age of four weeks, while others may possess MDA at such high titers that they are incapable of responding to vaccination until sometime after 12 weeks of age. Therefore the Vaccination Guidelines Group (VGG) has recently recommended in the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) guidelines that kittens receive a final dose at 16 weeks or older.

All kittens should receive the core vaccines. A maximum of two doses – one at 8 to 9 weeks of age, a second 3 to 4 weeks later should be administered. Kittens can receive the FVRC as early as four weeks.
These are the latest guidelines; we follow updates carefully, and administer vaccines within the guidelines set forth by the VGG.
Revaccination of adult cats

All cats should receive a first booster at 12 months (one year) after completion of the above kitten vaccination course (this will ensure adequate vaccine-induced immunity for cats that may not have adequately responded to the primary course). Following this first booster, subsequent revaccinations are given at intervals of three (3) years or longer, unless special conditions apply.

4 weeks 8 weeks 12 weeks 16 weeks 20 weeks 1 year Every 3 years

Early Spay/Neuter X
Rabies (indoor pets do not need) X X X

Revolution is a topical medicine that we use at about two and three months to protect against internal and external parasites.
Strongid T is an oral suspension that is given to our kittens to kill round and hookworms at least twice before the kitten goes to a new home.

The Vendor and Purchaser agree that clauses below apply to those cats purchased as Breeder only. Breeding Clause:
1. This cat/kitten being sold as a breeder will not be bred until AT LEAST twelve (12) months of age and each breeding thereafter will be NO LESS than eight (8) months apart to protect female from being overbred.

2. This cat/kitten being sold as a breeder and will not have any of its first generation offspring sold, traded, or exchanged for any other feline or non-feline breeding stock.

3. The first generation offspring of this cat/kitten may not be sold as a breeder or a show/breeder.

4. The purchaser may use the first generation offspring in his/her breeding program as per this agreement.

5. This cat may not be out-crossed to any other feline.

6. This cat may not be used for stud service.

7. Under no circumstances, will this cat/kitten be sold, leased, or lent for the purpose of breeding any other felines.

8. The offspring from this first generation cat/kitten may be sold as Purebred “Pets” or “Show Quality Alters” to their new adopters and will always be spayed or neutered before being delivered to their new families.

9. Vendor guarantees that a cat sold as a breeder will produce offspring by the second birth date. If the cat should not breed by its second birthday, it may be replaced with a cat of like kind. Purchaser must provide written proof from a licensed veterinarian showing that the cat has been spayed, or neutered, before a replacement will be given. Vendor holds the right to ensure that a proper pet home is found before any exchanges can be made.

10. The cat/kitten cannot be co-owned, leased, traded, exchanged, or housed in another location other than the cattery to which it was sold.

11. The cat is not to be used in any breeding program after the age of six years unless prior written permission and approval from both the seller and a certified veterinarian.

12. Once the breeder no longer wishes to use the cat in its breeding program, the Vendor has the first option to readopt the cat. If the Vendor does not wish to readopt the cat the Purchaser must alter the cat and a place it in an appropriate Pet Home.

13. This cat may only be bred to Purebred Ragdoll Cats.

14. The Seller will have this Breeder Cat/Kitten Microchipped at the cost of $61.00 to the buyer. This is to be scanned and marked on your Cat/Kitten’s Vet record each time your Cat/Kitten is brought to the Vet for verification. If this is not done the replacement clause will be null and void.

Purchaser’s Signature:__________________________________ Date:________________
Print Purchaser’s Name:________________________________
Vendor’s Signature:____________________________________ Date:________________

1. The show kitten/cat is being sold as a show cat and should be shown at least once as kitten and as an adult cat. The Vendor asks that the Purchaser show the cat to at least grand champion status in TICA.

2. The following cat organizations can be used to fulfill this clause: TICA, CFA, FIFE, CFF, or any other cat organizations in your area.

3. We hope that the show kitten/cat will be able to achieve at least a Champion or higher status in TICA or reach Champion status or higher in CFA or FIFE.

4. We do understand that there are no guarantees, but it is our hope and desire that this NY Ragdolls Ragdoll will do in the show ring.

5. We of course hope for the new owners to have the opportunity and joy of Supreming (TICA) or Granding (CFA) their NY Ragdolls Ragdoll!

Purchaser’s Signature:__________________________________ Date:________________
Print Purchaser’s Name:________________________________
Vendor’s Signature:____________________________________ Date:_______________