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Buying my Ragdoll cat was a wonderful experience because of Denise Wolff. Denise has a true passion for Ragdoll cats. The ribbons she has won from showing her cats hang proudly on the wall. Denise was eager to show me her latest Ragdoll additions, as she is constantly striving to improve her breed. And her Ragdoll kittens are already exceptional. I purchased two litter mates from her and they are breathtakingly beautiful, well socialized, litter box trained, and using their scratching posts from the first day I brought them home. I could not be happier.

I waited until my kittens were twelve weeks of age before bringing them home. My children visited her cattery to meet them. Denise was warm and welcoming. My family stayed for hours and she advised me on how to prepare my home for them. I also received pictures and updates over the coming weeks on my kittens. This meant the world to my children.

Her support continues after you bring your kittens home. Denise has always been available to answer questions and give advice. My friends are amazed that I easily clip nails and have even given my kitten a bath. I attribute this all to Denise; the loving care she provided and wise counsel she continues to offer. I highly recommend purchasing kittens from New York Ragdolls Cattery.


Dear Denise —

Deborah and I would like to send along our heartfelt appreciation for your work as a Ragdoll breeder.  It is so clear that you not only do an exceptional job of breeding first class Ragdoll kittens, but that you also very much love what you do.  Bartholomew and Alfredo are simply delightful, healthy, fun-loving little dudes that are well-manored, fully scratching post and litter box trained and just a joy to be around.  They could only be who they are if they were nurtured in a loving, safe, healthy environment.

We are lifelong cat lovers and presently have two other, eight year-old Ragdolls that we bought from another wonderful breeder (who is no longer breeding), so this is not our “first rodeo!”

Your communication, thoroughness, attention to detail and love of your kittens all shone through brightly throughout our work together.

Please do not hesitate to use us as a reference and we will most definitely stay in touch!!

With kindest regards,

-Jason & Deborah

I cannot tell you how happy I am with New York Ragdolls and Denise. Her professionalism, her  love and concern for the breed and her cattery as well as how well her cats and kittens are raised , cared for and socialized makes this cattery the best on Long Island. I would not hesitate to adopt a kitten from her.  I adopted Diesel  December 2017 and he’s the best. He acclimated to my other cats immediately and his personality makes us laugh daily. He’s so loving, gentle, playful, and sweet even with my young grandkids.


My husband and I had gotten a ragdoll a couple years ago and had wanted another ever since. We finally were able to do so and I searched through quite a few different ragdoll breeder websites and came across New York Ragdolls!

When I inquired to Denise the breeder of NY Ragdolls she got back to me right away. I could just tell by speaking with her that she was the breeder we were going to get our baby girl from. From the beginning of the process when we first met her and she showed us her beautiful and amazingly sweet cats, she made the entire experience one my husband and I will never forget!

Denise stayed in touch with me throughout the entire journey of our Khalani’s life. From her birth and every milestone before we picked up our princess. I can actually say that I have my perfect little girl’s life before we had her all in pictures and videos and it made my heart whole.

Denise not only gave us a gift by giving us our little princess but became a friend who I will continue to see and be in touch with. My husband and I couldn’t thank New York Ragdolls enough for everything they have done for us! We will definitely be going back in the future for more ragdoll babies and highly recommend this breeder if you are looking for a bundle of joy to love!

All the ragdolls at New York Ragdolls are absolutely gorgeous and are the sweetest cats you’ll meet and that’s all because of the love that Denise has for not only her babies but the babies she cares for until they go to their new homes!

Five stars all around to New York Ragdolls!

-Jenna & Derek

After weeks of searching for a Ragdoll Breeder I felt comfortable with, I found  Denise of After visiting the website and seeing all the beautiful Ragdolls, I called Denise, the owner right away. Denise shared a wealth of knowledge with me during all our conversations.
   In talking to Denise, you can feel the passion she has for the breed, but also the love she has for all her babies. While waiting for the arrival of our Ragdoll Maggie, Denise always kept us updated through pictures and phone calls.  Even after bringing our Maggie home, I was able to reach out to Denise if I had any questions and she always responded. Our Maggie is so beautiful and has brought so much joy to our family and our home. A million thanks Denise of


I got two healthy, beautiful ragdoll kittens from New York Ragdolls. They are adorable and absolutely great additions to my family. The owner Denise is very dedicated and knowledgeable about raising and breeding ragdolls. In addition to a great adoption experience, she was also extremely helpful in answering all my questions after I took the babies home. As a first-time cat owner I had a lot of questions, and Denise always answered them in a very timely and comprehensive manner. She truly cares about the well-being of the babies, and I really appreciate that. Overall great experience that I would recommend to anyone thinking about getting a ragdoll – they are perfect companions.


Our experience with NY Ragdolls couldn’t be better. Denise has been wonderful! From the first time we met her at her cattery, we could see how much love she has for her kitties. They are all healthy happy cats, she really is devoted to their well being.

We had our eye on one little fellow and once we were there to meet the kitty, we also fell in love with his little sister and ended up taking both kittens from the same litter.
We couldn’t be happier with our decision.
Denise has been there for us for everything you could possibly imagine, from arranging visits, reminding us of future vaccination dates, tips and advice, even providing temporary lodging and care for them when we’ve gone away on vacation.

We keep a good communication with her and share pictures of Phoebe and Dali with her from time to time.

We have not hesitated to refer friends to NY Ragdolls whenever friends and family are amazed by the temperament and beauty of our ragdoll cats. They are just absolutely gorgeous and beyond sweet.
We are very grateful!